#3: Low Water Dam

lowwaterdam3We used to play on the rocks across the river when the floodgates were holding the water back. When the dam whistle blew, everyone knew to clear off. This is one of the few places from my childhood that have remained virtually untouched by development or beautification or bought by private owners and fenced off. There are places we need to leave alone, where the mud should be allowed to suck around your ankles, the danger of rock-climbing continued, and the trees unassaulted by power companies.


Before you the river runs. To the north
a road beckons. It is always this way,lowwaterdam2
crossing the circle, approaching an inlet,
trees are all that is left, all that is left.

Low Water Dam location: about 1/2 mile west of the 437 Rd. & 550 Rd. intersection, northwest of Locust Grove . . . or if you are local, at the west end of Roller Coaster Road.

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