#4 Beavers Bend Cabin

verbenaThe cabins at Beavers Bend State Park are highly recommended. We just stayed in cabin 4, which is near where this poem cache is hidden. It includes a poem I wrote while we were sitting at the kitchen table in the cabin. It’s a romantic poem, so if you are so inclined, I think you will quite like it. The cache is not hidden right on the cabin, so there’s no fear of being called a peeping tom if you decide to find this poem cache.

Poem Cache Clue:

Behind the cabin, the trees are spaced like rhymes,
Most reaching for higher sky each year.
This one has finished reaching,
Its life beginning as a different kind of poem.

The cache is in a thin Mentos container painted brown.

One thought on “#4 Beavers Bend Cabin

  1. Just love your free-spirited approach to poetry. May I share my idea (no, I’m sure others have
    had this idea often enough, it’s older than dirt most likely). When the dry Fall leaves begin to pile up, I find the nice, large smooth ones and write sections of my poetry upon them. What you do with these is dependent only upon the limits of imagination. 😉

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