#6 Dust Bowl Debris


Kelly and Amos (our dad) in front of her store

The next time you are on scenic 412 and going through Locust Grove, stop at my sister’s shop Dust Bowl Debris. She has all kinds of cool homemade, handmade, and repurposed stuff for yourself, your home, your yard, and more. Gifts, goodies, books, cards, cool antiques and more.

Also, find a poem cache with a poem very appropriate for this spot. The store is right on Main Street (between the town’s two stoplights). Visit her website for more information and friend DBD on Facebook to see what photos of things she is transforming and selling.


No need to be an old cowboy to sit around the campfire,

on a chilly morning, waiting for the heat not the fire,

waiting for the “sign” that the day can really begin,

that with this fortification, one is ready to saddle up.

This poem cache is in a glass jelly jar.

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