Welcome to Poem Cache!

If you are familiar with geocaching, and if you know anything about me (a crazy poet, curator of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry), then you might have guessed that Poem Caching would be coming. I have ALWAYS loved a treasure hunt and just recently discovered geocaching. I had been writing little 2-line poems in the logs of caches I found and so it was only natural that poem-caching would be the next step.

Here’s how this might work. Poems will be left in caches, the descriptions of where to find them posted here, and when found, you can add your comments on the cache page. You can just read the poem and add a comment on the log, take out the poem and leave a different one, or write a poem that you add to the poem there. Other possibilities: add a sketch to go with poem, leave artwork for someone else to write a poem with, link a poem to a poem in another cache, etc. Caches could also contain add-a-line poems that every finder would add a line to.

At geocaching, people use GPS coordinates to log and find caches. I would like to try using lines of poetry to describe where the cache is hidden, although people can leave GPS coordinates also, if they wish. Like geocaching, these caches need to be on public property or where permission is granted by private owners.

Anyone can create a poem cache and have it listed on this site. Anyone can find one of the poem caches listed here. POETRY FOR THE PEOPLE. Can you dig it, my good people? Contact me at poemcache@gmail.com.

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