The idea behind poem caches is to spread the love, beauty, messiness, and wonder of poetry around the world to everyone. Poetry is for people, all people. Let’s spread it.

Anyone can start a poem cache and then send me the information for it to post here. Here are some guidelines to follow:


A. Use poetry to describe where the cache is.

B. Include something poetry-related in the cache. Here are suggestions:

  1. A poem you have written or is written by someone else (include his/her name!)
  2. A picture as inspiration for a poem
  3.  An add-a-line-poem that you start. Everyone who finds the cache adds his/her own line to it.
  4.  A token of some kind related to a poem or poetry

C. Choose a location for the cache that in some way is appropriate to the poem you put in the cache.

D. Choose a good container. A typical geocache container will work: pill bottle, plastic container, anything weather-resistant.

E. Include a piece of paper that has the following information on it:

For anyone who has accidentally or by chance found this cache, please do not remove it. Find out more about it at Thank you and go in poetry.


A poem cache doesn’t have to be like a typical geo-cache.  Here are some other ideas for nontraditional caches, ones that people find by chance. For years, I have been leaving playing cards with lines of poetry and my website address on them all over the world. Though not a typical cache, these can be fun treasures to find. You can write on playing cards, business cards, on regular paper, postcards, etc. How to do this? Here are some “container’ ideas:

  1. A book. Okay, here’s what I mean. A poem cache can be left in a library book. People still check out library books, right? You can also put a poem cache in a bookstore book or magazine.
  2. A pocket. Put a poem cache in the pocket of a pair of pants or jacket hanging on a rack at a store, at a yard sale, a thrift shop, etc.
  3. A bulletin board. Put a poem at your vet’s office, the laundry, the book store, any place where people are allowed to post things on a bulletin board.

Surprise caches rely on the people finding them to take the time (and have the curiosity) to log their find on this site. Many will not, but those that will can be great fun. Be sure to include the comment about Poem Caches in with a surprise cache.





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